LABC Guide



Q: How will it affect my overheads?

A: Buying the whole superstructure in one package means a vast reduction of time and effort in your purchasing department, while your accounts department has only to deal with a single invoice for the Timber Frame package instead of a multitude of accounts to cover the masonry equivalent.

Q: Is fire an issue?

A: No. Timber Frame meets all current binding regulations. Furthermore, independent tests have shown timber outperforms other structural materials like steel or concrete in fire; instead of a tendency to buckle and collapse, timber chars predictably, allowing a slow and controlled loss of structural integrity.

Q: Are guarantees or insurance a problem?

A: No. Timber Frame construction is recognized by the NHBC. The Association of British Insurers says: “Insurance companies generally draw no distinction between modern Timber Frame and brick and block construction, provided the external roof covering is also of tiles, natural or mineral slates or concrete.”

Q: Are Timber Frame houses quiet?

A: Yes. They conform to, or exceed, current Building Regulations. BRE stated: “If all dwellings had sound insulation as good as that measured in party walls of Timber Frame dwellings, the problems of noise from neighbours would be greatly reduced.”

Q: Will our customers have mortgage problems?

A: No. Director of Corporate Relations at Northern Rock plc said: “As a lender, we do not differentiate between Timber Frame and any other standard form of modern property construction.”